How To Measure Your Feet Length

December 26, 2010


To know how long your feet is, below is a simple way to measure. We understand that most people have feet that come with different lengths between their right and left foot, therefore always measure both of your foot, and use the larger of the two as your feet length standard.

Happy measuring! :)

  1. Sit with your foot firmly on the floor, and your leg bent slightly forward so that your shin is slightly in front of your ankle. Trace the outline of your foot on top of a piece of paper. While tracing, hold the pencil or pen upright and perpendicular to the paper, do not hold it at an angle.
  2. Use your pencil to draw straight lines touching the outermost points at the top, bottom, and both sides of the outline.
  3. Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom line to the top line that you drew in step 2.

Repeat these steps for your other foot, and use the larger measurement of the two.

After measuring your feet length and matching it with our UP sizes, there is also one more thing to be considered, which is feet width.

  • Feet width can be classified as slim, normal, wide, and very wide.
  • If you consider your feet as "wide" or "very wide", we advise you to go 1 size bigger.

To ensure you select the right size, kindly consult with us further via email at [email protected]



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What they say about UP

December 15, 2010


Nothing cheers us UP more than your lovely what our dearest customers had to say about UP on Twitter after receiving their very first UP shoes...we're delighted! :) 





  • @devibelvi: Suda dataang. akhirnya..Say hi to Pandora! Elle est jolie! uoh, ga mau gw lepas ni dari kaki. soo comfyyy! mercii @iwearUP :D
  • : My nina is so comfyyyyy >.< Best wedges ever. Worth the money! ☺
  • : Anya Two-Tone udah nyampe.Keren.Nyaman dipake.Fyi,ini wedges 1st yg gw punya dan pake loh Dan pengen pesen lagiii :D
  • @sherllywu: @iwearUP u deserve good testimoni. Hasil sepatunya memuaskan bgt, dgn harga yg make sense dpt qualitas sepatu brand mahal.
  • : Love my new shoes (: wearing them around the house already!
  • : Wearing wedges for the first time! I used to love heels only, but thanks to , now I love wedges as well! ♡
  • @: Holla! Sepatunya udahh nyampe ni.. Enak bgt dipakenya and it fits me perfectly :). Thank u
  • : got my nina red!!! Excited!!! Super comfy like others said!!!
  • @: dear @...really love your jane grey..comfy bgt dipake g berasa pake heel 9cm..duhh..ketagihan ni..;)
  • @: Penantian pun tercapai. Thx so muchh @ ☺ they're very light! which make them VERY comfy
  • @: Finally the awaited ANJANI & KATE from @ have arrived! Luuuuvv it so much ♥ worth every cent
  • @: @ sudah sampai anya grey nya, very comfy for kinda person which is afraid of heels like me..:)
  • @: aku udh terima PANDORA nude nya..super comfy! Thanks a lot UP!
  • : Dating with my Anjani for the 1st time... <3 it!! I'm sooo in love with !!
  • @me_anita: @iwearUP sepatu aku udah sampai.cantik bgt di kaki aku,super comfy.mau nabung lagi ah buat lola
  • @: Pake stella black comfort bgt, nyaman. jdi ngerasa tinggi cmn ga kerasa 9cm heelnya cinta bgt deh sama @ :)
  • @: So happy to find this in the mail! @ it fits perfectly & so so comfortable!
  • : Wedgesnya hebat banget deh..sampe buat camer kesemsem dan seneng banget dibawain lola pink \^-^/
  • @: *talking bout my Jane Grey* Mom: de, wedgesnya bagus.. Me: iya dong ma.. Mom: lucu deh, ringan lg. Beli dmana? Me: @
  • @: Stella Red has arrived home! fit, comfy, awesome, and I do ♥ @ :*
  • @: @ I got my Anya! Take a trial for walk today aaaaand.... love it! Very light in weight! Thanks a bunch =D
  • @: Horeee.. Anjani @ sampe juga ke rumah..Enteng banget! ♥ it! :D 
  • @: Thx @ shoe sooo cute & looks pretty awesome under my foot,I ♥ it & satisfied for it.big thx up!
  • @mswynnz: I love my @ Stella brown so much! <3
  • : My kate two-tone from ! Totally in love with it! Gonna buy some more!! Thank u UP! ♥♥♥
  • @tikalarastri: Finally my stella black has arrived super comfy!!! Thanks @iwearUP
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  • @sherllywu: Sepatu anjani @iwearUP ringan banget. Enak banget dikaki. Kereenn.. Temen kantor pada naksir dan lgsg order anjani black.
  • : Yipiiiii , stella black dari udah nyampe , super duper keren
  • @ully_na: finally i got my Jane-grey.. it's woowwww.. thanks @iwearUP.... next wishlist is stella-black...
  • @ellentanujaya: @iwearup Just received my shoes today. They're fabulouuus :D good fabric, good cutting, good details. Love it!
  • @: @ kl yg casual bisa coba @ ... Bagus2 modelnya dan heelsnya enak... :)
  • @: Super comfy shoes! ♥
  • @miumiu_pq: Very pretty light comfy @iwearUP wedges..just arrived today!! yayy...
  • : Yuhuuuu!! My Nina Denim has just arrived it fits me perfectly!! Huaah thanks :D
  • : Lagi pusing mau UtS, dateng nina bikin semangat lagi,,uenak di kaki ciiin,,
  • @camyleea: Finally my Kate Black @iwearUP has arrived, so lovely, me like it a lot 
  • @deandradewi: @iwearUP Hayy gowjesss... Welcome home..
  • : @ received my package this morning!! Loving it to the max thank you :) 
  • @FitriHidayanti: I'm wearing my suppaa comfy wedges from @iwearUP
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  • : Hari ini jalan sm tmnku pake stella black nya @ enk kerasa capek walaupun tinggi dan ga berasa tingginya :) 
  • @nurinuriii: Finally my @iwearUP shoes are here and I'm loving them so much, thanks. I'll order the rest soon :p
  • @DIAMONDHURTS: The shoes I love @iwearUP, thanks so much :x
  • @: It's just me & my supeeerr comfy anjani from @.. 
  • @casseybunn: My Anya grey has arrived! Very comfy :$ Thank you @iwearUP

Our kind fellows have also posted about UP on their personal visit their blogs and have a read on their review! :)

How to walk in heels...

December 12, 2010


The ability to walk in heels comes naturally after regular use and practice...but there's never any harm to learn the theories, right? Here are some tips on how to best walk in heels...:)

  1. Step with your heel down first, then let the sole follow quickly and smoothly.
  2. Walk with your toes pointing straight ahead or as close to straight ahead as possible.
  3. Swing your arms as you walk for balance.
  4. Keep your legs straight, close and parallel.
  5. Take smooth, even steps; consider shortening your stride a bit.
  6. When climbing stairs, make sure both sole and heel land together firmly and simultaneously on each step. When descending stairs, only the sole of the shoe needs to be planted on each step.
  7. Avoid walking on mud, grass, sand, gravel and grated surfaces, on which you can slip or sink. When in doubt, take off your heels and carry them across such questionable surfaces in your bare feet.

 Happy heel-ing, girls! :)





Don't Drive Wearing Heels

December 04, 2010


We might be heels lovers, but there are times when we are better off without them. In this case, that would be when we're DRIVING.

Did you know that...

80% of female drivers wear improper footwear while driving.

66% admitted that they chose to wear high heels at the wheel.

10% admitted having an accident or "near-miss" because their heels had got stuck between or under the pedals.

So girls, please be wise and take care not only of your safety, but others too. NEVER wear your heels while driving. You can either go barefoot, or always have a pair of flat shoes inside your car to wear while driving. Safe driving, girls!