Safety Advice: Wearing Heels & Wedges

January 18, 2011


We loooooooove wearing heels & wedges, that is because they have fashionable advantages for women, making our...

  • calves look firmer and more pronounced
  • lower leg muscles more defined
  • legs look longer
  • butt look more rounded and pronounced
  • feet look smaller
  • look taller
  • feet and toes look smaller
  • walk seductively in short and tipping strides
  • posture more upright causing women to even push out her busts

But did you know? Many women who present to their doctor with back complaints may be surprised to learn that a lot of the problems can often be attributed to constant wearing of high heels

Therefore, it is advised that we women:

  • Wear heels, wedges and flat shoes in turns. Wearing only one type of shoes every single day will make our feet experience a total shock and irritation when there comes the day you must wear another type. There are types of shoes for every occasion, right? It's good to be able to walk in all kinds of shoes! :)
  • When wearing high high-heels, do not walk for more than 2 hours. If your activity requires you to walk a lot, take a break and sit down every 2 hours for about 20 minutes to let your feet relax for a while.

If you're all about height and you also need comfortability, you can always opt for wedges.

Wedges are the best choice as the increase of height at the back is balanced with the additional height at the front as well, therefore easier for us to balance our body when walking. With wedges, our feet is elevated at a slight angle, resulting a more proper weight distribution.

Enjoy! :)




LEVEL UP: December 2010 Donation

January 03, 2011


From our December 2010 sales, your share of purchases have been happily donated to BEASISWA BAKTI MANDIRI, a scholarship program initiated by the alumni of Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia students, dedicated for new Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia students who struggle in paying their semester fees.

On behalf of BEASISWA BAKTI MANDIRI, we thank all of you customers for the very great help, love and care.

Cheers and may God bless us all....:)