YWN 100

December 18, 2011


December 2011 has been an amazing month. Not only did we just turn 1 year old, we also made it to The Marketeers's "100 Most Influential Youth, Women, Netizen of 2011" list. This is crazy!

Thank you sooooo much to The Marketeers for the acknowledgement, and most importantly to all of you customers who have been our biggest inspiration. WE LOVE YOU! :)



December 06, 2011


It's DECEMBER! And we're pinching ourselves because 1) we just turned 1 year old, and 2) time flies so fast! And yes, time flies so fast when we're having so much fun. It's been a great journey, and we just got started! :)

Thank you so much for all your love, support and constructive feedback, ladies. We are so happy to grow with you, and we promise to keep on improving our product & service quality. Pinky swear! Nothing gives us more pleasure than planning, designing and creating pretty and comfortable shoes for your feet. Every design, material selection and production process is filled with love and joy. And when we see you smile and feel good wearing our shoes. it simply is the greatest feeling on this earth.

Once again we thank you for the love, and we also apologize for all our weaknesses. One gotta make mistakes to learn, yes? WE LOVE YOU! :)

PS: To celebrate our anniversary, we are giving away free "HAPPY STICKERS" for every purchase made this December 2011. Stick, stick, stick and have much fun. FRIENDS STICK TOGETHER! :)


The happy UP team



December 06, 2011


Thank you so much for shopping in November, ladies! As promised, November is a sweet month, because we're giving away a very pretty UP bedside lamp to accompany you sleeping and having sweet dreams.

Now the month has ended, we have finally randomly picked the winner. Congratulations to "Rizkyna Alamanda Siregar" for being the lucky shopper of NOVEMBER! Hope you love and enjoy our bedside lamp as the gift, dear! :)