Have You Downloaded?

February 05, 2011


We're so excited to have a new feature on our website where you can download the cutest UP wallpapers for your PC, laptop and mobile phones...available for free! We'll be regularly providing you new wallpapers every week so you can always feel cheered UP...:)

To download:

Many have started using our UP wallpapers already! Much fun! :) 



Welcoming Rabbit Year

February 05, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year 2011, everyone! 

We wish you a great year ahead filled with joy, love and all things meaningful in life...:)

Thank you to Veren Lee and Sherlly Wu who celebrated their Chinese New Year in our Up wedges...we're flattered! :)



LEVEL UP: January 2011 Donation

February 04, 2011


Thank you so much for shopping at UP. From our January 2011 sales, your share of purchases have been happily donated to JALINAN KASIH, a noble Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by PT Rajawali Citra Indonesia (RCTI) which strives to improve health of the many people of Indonesia, by providing funds to those who suffer from various illnesses and require immediate treatment.

On behalf of JALINAN KASIH, we thank all of you customers for the very great help, love and care. To those of you who wishes to contribute individually, monetary donations can be made directly to Bank BCA Cabang Pasar Minggu no rek: 128-308-8000 a.n Jalinan Kasih – RCTI.

Cheers and may God bless us all....:)


* Images taken from http://www.rcti.tv/jk/home. For more info, visit http://www.rcti.tv/jk/tentang-jalinan-kasih




February 01, 2011


Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for shopping at UP during the month of January 2011...in return, here are 20 lovely customers who won our UP birdie keychain as our January's promo gift...:congratulations, girls! :)

  1. Beiby Amira
  2. Citra Teguh Febriani
  3. Evelyn
  4. Dherra Amalia Putri
  5. Lilies
  6. Catharina Intan
  7. Putri Siska Ayu Purnama
  8. Ajeng Yoelyanawati
  9. Elisa Tanzino
  10. Ayunda Leiden
  11. Gebby Ayala
  12. Nesty Trioka Pamungkas
  13. Benedicta Ika
  14. Mawaddah Yahya
  15. Irene Khalim
  16. Vanessa Tardia
  17. Raisa Hutauruk
  18. Dheby Cinthia P.
  19. Yenny Asmawati
  20. Yasmine Sani Pawitra

Do shop in February 2011 for other gifts! :)