How To Clean Your Shoes

March 11, 2011


It's hard to keep our shoes from getting stains when we're active the whole day...but it's actually not that hard to clean them off! Below are some tips from one of our most favorite Twitteratis, Styling_101, on how to clean and get rid of stain on our pretty footwear..enjoy! :)

Stain on satin. Get at-home dry cleaning product & dab on stained area with cotton ball. Dry it with hairdryer on cool setting.

Mud. Let the mud dry in the sun then chip it off. On leather, clean remaining marks with wipes & use suede brush for suede.

Oil stain. On leather, sprinkle cornstarch & rub the spot til gone. On suede, use your suede brush gently.


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Behind UP Brand

March 07, 2011



Many have mistaken our brand, "Up", as "I Wear Up". While "Up" remains our brand, "I Wear Up" just happens to be our website name -, as simple as a brand called "Lola" would go for a domain address of


Why use the word "Up"?

1) Up: Elevating Women's Height

Up is all about heels and wedges - elevating women's height at comfort. The word "up" represents the increase of height our shoes provide, which hopefully also increases women's confidence level so that they can walk proud and feel pretty.


2) Up: Continuous Improvement

The word "up" also implies our commitment to continuously make progress & improve our quality and service - an upward progression. This is because we believe a sustainable business is one that is responsive towards changes and works towards being better all the time.


3) Up: Levelling Up The Society

"Up" also denotes our commitment to contribute to and level up the society, hence our “Monthly Sales-For-Donation Program” called “Level Up!”. For every pair purchased at Up, as much as IDR 5,000 is donated for charity. We want our business to bring happiness not only to us and our customers, but also the people around. Up seeks to sell, share and care.


We can't deny that we are also a big fan of the animation movie, Up, which was also an inspiration for us to adapt the name.

So there you go...the story of how we came up with our brand, Up.

Get Up, Dress Up, Speak Up, Cheer Up! :)



LEVEL UP: February 2011 Donation

March 02, 2011


From our February 2011 sales, your share of purchases have been happily donated again to BEASISWA BAKTI MANDIRI, a scholarship program initiated by the alumni of Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia students, dedicated for new Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia students who struggle in paying their semester fees.

On behalf of BEASISWA BAKTI MANDIRI, we thank all of you customers for the very great help, love and care. We pray that this donation is able to contribute to a brighter future for the young bright minds of Indonesia, for a brighter Indonesia.

Cheers and may God bless us all....:)




March 01, 2011



Below are the 5 lucky winners who deserve the cutest, prettiest UP diary with man-made leather cover, engraved with YOUR OWN NAME on cool is that? :)

  • Nuri Arunbiarti Moeladi
  • Sherly Lontoh
  • Arienda Sapari
  • Pradnya Cinantya
  • Sofyana Hambali

Thank you so much for shopping at UP, and do wait for our next promo! :)


Lots of love,