UP for HijUp.com

February 05, 2012


We loooooove HijUp.com, so we couldn't refuse when they asked to borrow some of our shoes for their photoshoot. And look, the results are GORGEOUS!! :)


Spreading Happiness Through Stickers

February 05, 2012


Remember that we gave away HAPPY STICKERS during the whole month of December 2011 in celebration of our 1st anniversary? Check out some of the many photos are customers have been tweeting about them...stickers make us happy! :)



February 03, 2012


Congratulations to Resty Dwi Setyani for winning our January promo gift, a suuuuper cute and huge UP WALL CLOCK! Thank you so much for shopping in January, we hope our gift will add a touch of positivity to your room...:)