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March 14, 2012


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UP listed in "TOP 50 SMEs Utilizing Online Platform" by Marketeers Magazine

March 06, 2012


UP was established in the end of year 2010, with hopes to spread happiness around the world through fine-looking and comfortable shoes. We want to see women walking happily, because they know they have got the right shoes on. And by being happy, we ensure that they feel good about it, because walking in them means creating a better future one child at a time. For every pair of UP shoes purchased, IDR 5.000 goes directly to scholarship for low-income children.

UP is available online, because being present on the internet allows us to cater as many countries as possible. We’ve always wanted to reach out to all women, no matter how difficult that might sound. Going online was also a decision we took so we can focus on product innovation and customer service. While offline-retail would require us to run our business on a ready-stock basis, keeping our business online and our shoes made-to-order help us simplify the whole process while at the same time minimize waste and inventory cost. That said, we have more time to focus on observing the market, evaluate our products, innovate and listen to our customers!

The great thing about UP’s website is that not only is it an online shop, but it is also a space where customers or simply visitors can browse around and have fun. UP itself has somewhat grown into an ecosystem where it’s no longer just about the shoes, but also about our brand, our values, our care for the society specifically children in need of education. At UP, visitors can download free wallpapers, download free Blackberry themes, consult on size & design, even own and customize a personal profile page. Customers are also welcome to share their thoughts about and experiences with UP on twitter @iwearUP. Until today, we have gained 10,900 followers who actively provide us their feedback on a daily basis. We believe Twitter is one of the best online social media to engage and interact with customers!

UP looks forward to being included in the “TOP 50 SMEs Utilizing Online Platform by Marketeers Magazine” list as we commit to continuously inspire the world. UP shoes come with passion and purpose. Proudly made in Indonesia. And remember, a pair of shoes changed Cinderella's life. We hope we're changing lives too, with you.

This post was written as a submission for the “TOP 50 SMEs Utilizing Online Platform by Marketeers Magazine” selection. For more information, visit http://the-marketeers.com/archives/mau-masuk-menjadi-marketeers-top-50-ukm-di-dunia-online.html


The UP Spirit

March 04, 2012


At UP, we highly value and appreciate life & beauty, because we believe that life is simply beautiful no matter how sad or happy it can get. Check out our "UP Spirit" values we hold which we hope can inspire your life and others...:)

"Always smile & thank people for their help & kindness."

"Always appreciate time, ours and others. Time flies fast, so value every second we have."

"Physical beauty is given, but inner beauty is an option. The prettiest ladies are those with kind hearts."

"Happiness is as simple as accepting that life can be sad too. Sometimes. And yet we stay strong and move on."

"Live on track. Stay on the good side. It's fun to be wild sometimes, but it's never cool when good girls go bad."

"Do good deeds and more goodness will come back to you." 



March 04, 2012


We thank everyone for shopping this February 2012. As promised, 3 (three) lucky shoppers get to win our UP TOTE BAG! Yayyyyy! :)

The winners of the month are:


Congratulations, pretty ladies! Enjoy our tote bag! :)