A Day With Our Customers Vol.1 : MONICA WIDHASWARA

July 31, 2012


In our very first A Day with Our Customers project, we visited the home of Monica Widhaswara, a 22-years-old pretty lady who just completed her study at University of Indonesia. From our short session, we were instantly enamored by her sweet & warm charm. We think she makes a darling BFF!

Monica wearing our UP birdie necklace

Tell us about yourself!

I just finished my studies, so now enjoying my internship in a multinational company. I love hanging out with my girl friends and go shopping – offline and online. In terms of personal style, I like things that are easy to wear, not so much into layers, but I don’t mind wearing prints.

How much do you love shoes?

I love shoes so much! There’s just no end to buying shoes haha..

Monica's UP shoes collection

Is it true, that shoes define a person’s personality?

Shoes absolutely define one’s personality. When you look at the overall appearance of a person, shoes just seem to stand out the most.  You can easily tell from the shoes whether someone is more of a comfort seeker or ‘beauty is pain’ believer.

What does happiness means to you?

Happiness is about making my family and friends happy. I just always want to be there for them and see them happy. And there’s always that other kind of joy when I manage to acquire a new pair of shoes!  Other simple things that make me happy are my pet’s cute behavior, having a happy tummy (I love anything green tea and potato!) and the weekends. On weekends, I would go watch movies with my boyfriend and explore new restaurants with friends.

Who is your role model?

Recently I have been very much inspired by a senior from university. She has taught me on how to build and manage my career path by staying focus on what we want to achieve in life. I am highly interested in Human Resource Management, and I want to build my career in this industry.

Loving this braid a lot!

We love you. Do you love UP?

I’m not really a brand loyalist, but somehow with UP it’s a different case. From the first time I came across UP’s website, I could instantly tell that the shoes are worth to try. And it’s true! Upon my first purchase, I have found UP shoes to be comfortable and durable...and now I’m hooked! My close friends know that I loooove UP so much, 2 out of the total 6 pairs of UP shoes I own are actually birthday presents from my best friends!

Monica wearing our Polly Floral Pink wedges

Our day ended with smiles. It's always nice to make new friends, yes? Thank you so much for your time, Monica! Hope you enjoyed having us...muah! :)


Our #UPcompetition Winners!

July 30, 2012


Thank you sooooooo much to those who dropped by Alley 29 Bazaar and took pictures with our tree! :)

Too many entries, too many to choose..but as always, there must be a winner for each and every competition...so here you go, our 2 WINNERS of #UPcompetition :

1. Cynthia A Alivia / ‏@viawr

2. Mudrikah Syaekhan / @mudricaaaa

CONGRATULATIONS! Each of you girls win 2 pairs of UP shoes..woohoo ! :)


Take A Picture With Our UP TREE!

July 28, 2012


Check our our UP TREE this July 28th-29th at Alley 29 bazaar in Plaza Indonesia, Function Hall 2nd floor...too pretty! :)

We insist you all to come and take a picture in front of our UP TREE because we're having a fun competition!

  • Take a picture with our UP TREE
  • Tweet the photo to @iwearUP
  • 2 BEST PHOTOS will win each 2 pairs of Up shoes


Be creative as you wish, and you can send in as many entries as you like...just have fun! Good luck, ladies! :)


We Are "International Young Creative Entrepreneur 2012" WINNER!

July 16, 2012


This is such an amazing achievement! UP, represented by owner Diana Rikasari, won the International Young Creative Entrepreneur 2012 competition held by British Council for the "Screen & Interactive" sector. 

The IYCE Award links the most talented young creative entrepreneurs from around the world with top creative industries leaders in UK. Indonesia’s past IYCE Screen winners include animator Wahyu Aditya (2007), filmmaker Sakti Parantean (2008), and screenwriter Perdana Kartawiyudha (2010). Furthermore, familiar names like Rahman Ibrahim (2008), who develops business software for fashion “distro”; publisher Irfan Amalee of Mizan Pelangi (2009); and Muhamad Lukman of Pixel People Project (2010) are also past IYCE Interactive winners. And now we made it to list... amazing! :)

with Dewi Tanjung (left), winner of IYCE 2012 for "Fashion & Design" sector

This all happened because of all you ladies out there who have been so supportive and loving towards UP...so we thank you very, very much...:')

* Material / content from British Council Indonesia's website