#OOTD Spots at Raisin, Jogja!

April 25, 2016


A new hangout spot has opened in Yogyakarta! It’s called Raisin Resto & Kitchen, located in Jl. Sagan III no.5, Jogjakarta. If you’re looking for a cute place to hang out with your friends, Raisin is the perfect place! The design is cute, clean, and neat with big windows and white – tosca interior (here’s a tip: come in the afternoon for the best lighting and exposure!). They also serve many choices of healthy & tasty food ranging from Western to Asian dishes, and also delicious smoothie bowls. I tried Fettuccini Carbonara and it tasted so good. Raisin has a nice ambience, and guess what, they provide special #OOTD walls! Almost all spots in this resto is Instagenic. My favorite will be the fruit-illustrated walls because it is so cute. So, for you girls who are looking for a place to hang out with affordable price, good food, and also Instagenic spots, do visit Raisin Resto & Kitchen!


Kadya Kirana - Yogyakarta


Have You Discovered Your Passion?

April 18, 2016



“I would rather die of passion than of boredom” – Vincent Van Gogh

Talking about passion, we all have one. And some people are lucky to do their passion for a living. But some other people are finding it hard to know what their passion is. Here are some ideas on how to find your passion:

Childhood dream

Believe it or not, your passion could be what you really enjoyed doing during your childhood! It could be simple things like music, drawing, singing, it could be anything. Me myself, I remember that I love fashion since I was in kindergarten. I love trying out dresses and clothes, and I also love sketching and designing my dream-dresses. I may not grow up being a fashion student, but deep inside I always know that I have passion for fashion.

Put effort in what you’re doing

To be passionate about something is to do it no matter what. We put all our energy and thinking into it. Even when we try to stop doing it, we will always go back to what we’re passionate about. For example, I am actually a science-major student but on the other hand, I’m a fashion blogger too. When ever possible, I do a lot of observation to know more about the fashion industry. I also spend so much time in blogging, taking a lot of photos, and I can’t stop loving fashion industry because I know it’s my passion, although it’s currently not my field of study in college.

Happiness in doing your passion

The most important thing in figuring out your passion is by actually knowing how it makes you feel. Your passion should make you feel good and happy. People would probably not get it, but you do, and you just don’t care. I’m blogging because I love it. I’m writing not for the number of viewers, not for the popularity. It’s much more for myself. For that self-satisfaction, for that small moment of happiness and joy. Lucky me, my friends and family support me through this choice. They recognize my passion and sense of fashion, and they are okay with the idea of me being a fashion blogger. Moreover, Jogjakarta is one friendly city for the creative youngsters to explore themselves more, to follow and live their passion and dreams. So I think right now I’m in the right place. I know what my passion is, and I’m going to do my best for it.

So ladies, start to figure out your passion. Because people are prettiest when they talk about something they really love, with passion in their eyes. 


Kadya Kirana - Yogyakarta