Keys To Make Your Dreams Come True

September 02, 2016


I will always remember this part of my life where I struggle and fight for what I dream of (and actually I am still fighting for it). I will  always remember how many times I have failed, how I kept fighting and will never give up. I believe everyone has a big dream that is worth fighting for. Either it is a dream job, a dream to go somewhere, to graduate. Some people might fight for what they want no matter what, but unfortunately some might give up and lose hope. Don’t. You never know how close you are to your goal! Here are some tips on keeping yourself high-spirited:

1. Believe in yourself
Don’t be afraid to dream big. There’s no such dreams that is too big or too high. I once dreamt to make a living as a blogger. I fought for what I wanted, and I kept believing in myself that someday I can make it. And now, my dream is starting to coming true.

2. Work hard!
It is true that hardwork never betrays you. You have to work hard to get what you want. If you want to study abroad, study hard. If you want to be an athlete, train hard. Nothing comes easy without you trying or working hard. Keep working hard and trust me, someday it will be paid off!

3. There are thousand ways to make it
Failed? Don’t stress out! There are still many ways to make your dreams come true! If plan-A doesn’t work, you still have a thousand other ways to try. I once struggled a lot when I was working on my thesis. I needed to make so many revisions, over and over again, and had to meet the professors almost every week to consult about my thesis, working till late at night, but in the end, it was all worth it. Finally I got my bachelor degree, and my dream to graduate early finally came true.  

4. Pray. Pray. Pray.
I do believe in the power of praying. I’m not a very religious person, but yes, praying does make everything feel easier. It calms you down, it strengthens you, it makes you think clearer, and somehow makes everything fall in the right place. Trust me, no matter how hard you keep on going, you can’t reach what you want without praying.

5. Don’t give up and have patience
It takes time. Your dreams can not come true in just a blink of an eye. You have to fight for it, you have to be patient. Your dream job won’t come to
you if don't fight for it.

So ladies, now is the time to start living the life you have always imagined. Work hard, stay positive, and good things will happen.



Kadya Kirana - Yogyakarta