How To Measure Your Feet Length

To know how long your feet is, below is a simple way to measure. We understand that most people have feet that come with different lengths between their right and left foot, therefore always measure both of your foot, and use the larger of the two as your feet length standard.

Happy measuring! :)

  1. Sit with your foot firmly on the floor, and your leg bent slightly forward so that your shin is slightly in front of your ankle. Trace the outline of your foot on top of a piece of paper. While tracing, hold the pencil or pen upright and perpendicular to the paper, do not hold it at an angle.
  2. Use your pencil to draw straight lines touching the outermost points at the top, bottom, and both sides of the outline.
  3. Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom line to the top line that you drew in step 2.

Repeat these steps for your other foot, and use the larger measurement of the two.

After measuring your feet length and matching it with our UP sizes, there is also one more thing to be considered, which is feet width.

  • Feet width can be classified as slim, normal, wide, and very wide.
  • If you consider your feet as "wide" or "very wide", we advise you to go 1 size bigger.

To ensure you select the right size, kindly consult with us further via email at [email protected]



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